Preserving eternal   
 values and increase.

Preserving eternal   
 values and increase.


SWM AG – many individual parts
yield a coherent overall picture.

The principle of our advantages is logically structured.

Our advantages and special features, certified in accordance with the SIQT:

  • On a sound financial basis

1. Favourable purchasing conditions

e.g. by passing on large-volume prices (kilo prices) to small-volume purchasers as well.


2. Rewarding of recommendations

The trust of our customers is worth something to us. We have therefore developed a bonuses system.


3. Tax-free sale

After being held in the portfolio for one year, the precious metals can be sold tax-free.


4. VAT exemption
for the white metals

Money is already saved in the purchasing of the precious metals.


5. Physical retransfer to the customers

The purchased assets of our customers do not just exist on paper. These are genuine, physical assets, which remain with the customers.


6. Certified gold saving plan (Swiss Institute for Quality Tests – SIQT –)

Our savings plan has been through a quality certification process receiving the rating: TOP Precious Metals Saving Plan.

  • Security for the portfolios of our customers

7. Storage of the precious metals outside the EU

Our customers’ investments are kept safe in a high-security warehouse in Switzerland.


8. Continuous stock control
and checking of the physical investments (the precious metals)

An independent external auditor makes a report about the volume of stored precious metals.


9. Access to the safe is possible after registration, but admission is only granted if ...

... the “six-eyes principle” is adhered to: one representative of the bonded warehouse company, one representative of the Swiss security firm and one representative of the storing third-party company are present at the inspection.


10. Ownership remains with the customer –
not with e.g. SWM AG as storer

We see our role as being a specialist in the brokering of purchasing and selling.


11. There is protection against insolvency

This is due to the fact that the physical assets of precious metals do not decline.


12. No liability risk for the customer

The reason for this is that, under (company) law, there exists no connection between SWM AG and the customer.


13. Comprehensive insurance with a renowned insurance company

As a specialist in investments with precious metals we provide experienced security.


14. Comprehensive information about the individual customer portfolio

We also keep our customers up to date with current state of knowledge about the general development of precious metals, so that they themselves can decide.

  • Absolute freedom of choice in flexible handling

15. The customer decides
about the allocation as they wish

This concerns the proportional division of the weighting into the precious metals gold, silver, platinum and palladium in the first purchase. This division can be altered at any time.


16. The sale of the portfolio
in part or in its entirety

This decision is also possible for the customer upon request.


17. The contract and/or the precious metals can be transferred at any time

This is carried out in a simple, safe way at the date desired by the customer.

“The average gives the world its continuance,
the extraordinary its value.”

Oscar Wilde
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