Preserving eternal   
 values and increase.


SWM AG buys sustainable assets free of tax.

Taxes of different allocations in comparison.


1: According to § 20, paragraph 1 EStG (Income Tax Act) all income from interest, dividends, investment funds, certificates and proceeds from capital claims are subject to flat rate withholding tax.

2: For investments such as e.g. • building loan contracts • investment funds or • savings accounts the tax authority receives an interest amount every year, normally of up to 28.6 percent.

Tax saving:
3: The price increases of precious metals are tax-free.

“Gold and silver possess an inner value that is not arbitrary.
It is dependent on its scarcity and the quantity of work that is dedicated to obtaining it, and it lies in the value of the capital invested in the mines that bring it forth.”

David Ricardo, British economist