Preserving eternal   
 values and increase.


When it comes to money, extensive
services are necessary.

Our scope of performance is oriented towards maximum increase in value.

Our services:
SWM AG, as an experienced team of experts, buys precious metals for its customers. The investments are spread over the different precious metals gold, silver, platinum, palladium, depending on the best purchase price that can be achieved. Constant observation and analysis of the market for precious metals by our experienced specialists is essential for this.

A further advantage: SWM AG purchases at bulk prices for its customers.

In our core service we ensure security for the purchasing of precious stones and the storage of the physical assets.

“Gold and silver possess an inner value that is not arbitrary.
It is dependent on its scarcity and the quantity of work that is dedicated to obtaining it, and it lies in the value of the capital invested in the mines that bring it forth.”

David Ricardo, British economist