Preserving eternal   
 values and increase.

Preserving eternal   
 values and increase.

Children's savings plan

The perfect gift for your treasure.

Think in stages of life when making your gift.

SWM AG offers a • plan “Future”, with which you can not only lay the basis for the fulfilment of dreams but also create the foundation for a better education for your children and grandchildren. Whether it be for a birth, baptism, communion, confirmation, birthday or simply as a reward – your child or grandchild receives quite a number of gifts in the course of a year. But many of these quickly lose their charm, break or even have to be thrown away. Hardly anyone thinks of the little ones’ financial future when giving gifts. Yet this cannot be secured soon enough.

Let’s add that up again!

Ensure a good start, e.g. with €100 per month.
With this you can secure e.g. the following financing:

• School is expensive
1. Payout after 7 years* e.g. €5,000

• Apprenticeship, hobbies, smart outfit
2. Payout after 14 years* e.g. €8,000

• The first car, course of studies, own apartment
3. Payout after 21 years* e.g. €8,000

• The start to a self-responsible life
The foundation has been laid for one’s own professional life and the intention is to finance e.g. one’s own house, one’s own company etc..
4. Payout/final payout after 30 years* e.g. €50,000

Example: €100 monthly, your capital* without withdrawals is €171,500, with loyalty rebate (increase) €179,500*

Possible result from the portfolios
with a period of 30 years*:
child’s loyalty rebate(increase)
(0.6 % annually up to 18 % total)
approx. €171,500 + €8,000 = €179,500

Yield + Performance

High returns due to constantly increasing demand for precious metals.


You can have your assets available at any time. You do not have to wait until after the end of the contract period for payouts to be tax-free; they are already tax-free after the end of the lock-up period of 1 year.*2


Tax-free payouts at the end of the contract term.*1


The major global demand for precious metals, combined with the competence of an international team of experts.

* Sample calculation at 9 %. The returns can in future turn out to be higher or lower. The sample calculation is cost-neutral.

*2 If no payouts are carried out in the saving phase and the contract is conducted according to contractual conditions, you will receive an additional annual loyalty rebate (increase) which can build up to a total of 18 %. 

*1 According to the present legal situation, the returns from the Future-Allowance-Plan are tax-free. Due to the acquisition of precious metals in physical form, profits from your purchase and service agreement are also exempt from flat rate withholding tax – other than with funds or certificates. No value-added tax arises from the keeping of silver, platinum and palladium in bonded warehouses. Gold is exempt from value-added tax.

  • In 2021, SWM AG was awarded the seal TOP Precious Metal Saving Plan in the Precious Metal Services Test of the SIQT

Very small amounts – with a major effect – for your little princess or your little pirate.
Sometimes educational insurance policies are concluded. These are subject to the same problems as life insurance policies, however – they generate no interest. At the same time, with regular contributions of as little as 50.00 euros per month you can generate a little treasure for your princess or little pirate for years to come. The gratitude of those children or grandchildren – in addition to the knowledge that you have actively supported them – gives you an especially good feeling.

“He who wishes to take safe steps must take them slowly.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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