Preserving eternal   
 values and increase.

Preserving eternal   
 values and increase.

Financial advantages

Assessing the overall situation.

For this, you need knowledge and specialist information.

SWM AG not only deals with the current market values of precious metals, but also with improving the financial situation of its customers at the Liechtenstein site. This concerns in particular • leaving the value appreciation margins with its customers by protecting them at this financial centre, which is attractive for investments. With physically deposited, genuine assets in the amount of their purchase and with a spread of portions of different precious metals they are secured owners and largely independent from the financial situation of other participants and from legislators and banks.

Inflation protection is not relevant for physical assets.
One might be surprised that SWM AG puts inflation protection first in its recommendation to acquire precious metals. Although the current rates of price increases in Europe are still low, experts think this might change. In particular, the unrestrained printing of money by the European Central Bank (ECB) may lead to rates of price increases getting out of hand.

On the current occasion of the official inflation rates:

The current, official Inflation rates in Germany, in Europe and in the USA are well above 7 per cent. But we know that the inflation rates for the average citizen for food, rents, etc. are already far above this. This means that purchasing power is constantly dwindling. Securing value and thus purchasing power is therefore the order of the day.

Precious metals provide the economic benefits that secure purchasing power.
Their stable values are inflation-protected.

Effective inflation protection and cancellation of decrease in value: Bretton Woods Agreement
This agreement stipulated in many states that only as much money could be printed as existed as equivalent values in gold. This has changed – the regulations have been repealed.
The economic system now faces very large quantities of printed money with no equivalent assets. This basic requirement is partly responsible for the increase in value of precious metals and makes gold, silver, platinum and palladium an inflation-proof investment.

“Gold has worked since the age of Alexander the Great. When something has lasted for more than two thousand years, I think that it is not due to prejudices or an incorrect theory.”

Bernard Baruch, US financier and stock market speculator
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