Preserving eternal   
 values and increase.

Preserving eternal   
 values and increase.


The many different aspects of purchasing precious metals.

In a time of change, we stand for security.

SWM AG, based in Vaduz, is a specialist in the broking of the purchasing and sale of valuable precious metals.

Knowledge, our experts’ years of experience, and our ability to react quickly due to our purchasing expertise are what enables us to make the best rates of return possible for our customers.

Precious metals are everlasting, currency-free assets.
Our claim is to once again increase the general trend of the appreciation of precious metals by means of cost average effects. The unique feature of precious metals as an investment is that their value does not decline. Make use of our specialist knowledge. We will be happy to help you with each decision.

Silver will play a major role in the energy transformation.
Photovoltaics, electric cars and solar panels cannot be manufactured without silver.

Breaking news on 09.05.2022

Pandemic + War + Speculation + Inflation = Stagflation

1. The causes of the official 7.5% inflation (in fact it is significantly higher) are

  • the ECB's hesitant action and its misjudgement since autumn last year,
  • the economic consequences of the pandemic are far from over,
  • the unpredictable and monstrous war in Eastern Europe is already costing billions and will cost many more,
  • the speculation of the oil and fuel industry has brought the Cartel Office onto the scene, but it will be a long time before the price agreements are sanctioned.

2. All this leads to stagflation, as always when economic growth is significantly below the rate of inflation. The result is extraordinary price increases and rising unemployment.

3. Therefore: The formation of liquidity reserves and the safeguarding of money against further inflation and further depreciation are the order of the day.

Find out more about this on our homepage.

Our system consists of strategy and safety.

Stratetic Eternal Value

Inflation protection – protection against what? One might be surprised that SWM AG puts inflation protection first in its recommendation to acquire precious metals. Although the current rates of price increases in Europe are still low, experts think this might change. In particular, the unrestrained printing of money by the European …


The Cost-Average-Effect is an effect that arises from regular purchasing with constant sums. With this method, fluctuations in value mean that the purchaser, on average, purchases their precious metals at a lower price than if they were to regularly buy the same amount at varyingly high prices ...


In 2021, SWM AG was awarded the seal TOP Precious Metal Savings Plan in the Precious Metal Services Test of the SIQT.

Security concept

Our “SWM AG security concept” consists of a range of coordinated security measures which combine to produce the desired protective effect for our customers. We take our services for the securing of investments with precious metals just as seriously as their purchasing and sale …


Securing of precious metals: our customers’ gold, silver, platinum and palladium is under the supervision of an established Swiss security firm. The precious metals are stored and secured in high-security bonded warehouses near Zurich in Switzerland. Customers can access their stocks at any time ...

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“The average gives the world its continuance,
the extraordinary its value.”

Oscar Wilde
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